Q. What Documents do I need to Provide with my visa application?
A: Passport with more than 6 months vadility on it, 4x passport photos, doctors certificate with required injections listed (Influenza and Meningitis) and if travelling with Muhram please provide porof of relationship e.g: Marriage Certifate, birth certificate ect. and must be a copy certified and stamped by a Public Notary or local Police station.

Q. What is the date of depature from Sydney for Hajj 2017?
A. Gregorian: TBA
    Hijri: TBA

Q. Which city first, Makkah or Madinah?
A. First, we go from Jeddah to Makkah.

Q. How long do you stay at each city?
A. We will stay in Makkah for 7-8 nights before Hajj and 7-8 nights in Madinah.

Q. Will there be any scholars with the group and if so will there be regular lessons?
A. Scholars will be present at all times to answer any questions to come up and there will be regular lessons.

Q. Where do you stay at each city and how many persons will share a room?
A. Our stay in Makkah will be in Makkah Grand Coral Hotel which is well known to all pilgrims who had travelled with us previously, catering for only three people per room. Our stay in Madinah will be in the Millennium Taiba Hotel. This can hold four people per room. One or 2 persons per room are available for an extra charge.

Q. What meals are provided in Makkah and Madinah?
A. Open Buffet ‘Breakfast and Dinner ‘will be provided in Makkah and in Madinah.

Q. What type of accommodation and food is provided in Mina?
A. In Mina, accommodations will be in air-conditioned tents with mattresses and cover sheets. Food and cold beverages are included.

Q. Is the sacrifice and Hajj Visa fee included in the cost of the package?
A. Yes, package does include all expenses.

Q. I have a few more questions to ask that you have not answered above. What do I do?
A. We are always available to talk to you, give us a call and we will be glad to answer your questions.